Market Research | The Key Element


Our Market Research Services

market researchAd hoc

Specially commissioned proprietary research projects required for a specific purpose by one client. This service will be carried out bespoke to each of our clients working with their specific needs.


Brand Awareness Research

This process involves a number of surveys targeted towards specific markets as well as investigating into online awareness. We have a number of brand awareness solutions including personalised branded merchandise, ad campaigns and growing online traffic.


Multi-client Research

Research projects shared amongst a select group of clients with a common interest at a much reduced cost to each client


Off-the-shelf research publications

Specific topics that have been researched independently by us and are available to purchase at an economical price.


Secondary Research

Desk research used to compile data and statistics in preparation for a wider study or as an end result in itself. This method will be used when there are specific competitors that you are against.


Values Research

A motivational research technique that reveals the factors driving buying behaviour and which distinguishes those driving ‘choice’ from those driving mere ‘approval’.



The analysis of verbatim comments using a linguistic approach to provide more accurate NLP respondent profiles